Ansar-Ud-Deen Education Trust (ADET). The trust is an independent, grant giving charitable trust, whose objective is to promote the development of students into well disciplined, balanced individuals with respect for self and others. Our mission is to provide them with a safe and motivating learning community.

A.U.D. Grammar School, Surulere, Lagos.

Ansar-Ud-Deen Grammar School is a place where our sports and academics co-curriculum is key to every one of our student’s development. As a parent, choosing the right school for your child is one of the most important decisions you will have to make.  The success and happiness of children are the foundations upon which their future is built. Read More

Ansar-Ud-Deen College, Isolo, Lagos

Ansar-Ud-Deen College, Isolo, founded in 1953, is a lively and warm community where boys and girls are made welcome from the time of their arrival. It is a school where academic and technical excellence are encouraged and one in which students are able to develop their interests and talents in all areas. The students are proud of their school and value its unique character. Read More

Ansar-Ud-Deen College Girls High School Itire, Lagos

Ansar-Ud-Deen College Girls High School Itire is a school where individual achievement lies at the heart of our wide-ranging curriculum. In our recently refurbished classroom, labaratories computing facilities we offer a balanced and varied range of subjects and each girl’s potential is developed to the highest level. Read More


Curriculum summary Individual achievement lies at the heart of our wide-ranging curriculum; we offer a balanced and varied range of subjects to ensure that each student’s potential can be discovered and developed to the highest level. Pupils are given the opportunity to learn in a wide range of contexts, through problem solving, researching, working collaboratively and developing thinking and study skills as well as practical tasks.  Excellence underpins every aspect of school life and great emphasis is placed on strong subject teaching. The success of this ethos is demonstrated by our improving pass rates at Junior Secondary School (JSS) year 3 and Senior Secondary School (SSS) year 3 results.


JSS Stage – In JSS1 to JSS3 the timetable covers Mathematics, English Language, Basic Science, Basic Technology, Agricultural Science, Business Studies, computer Studies, Civic Education, French Language, Social Studies, Visual Arts, Yoruba Language, Home Economics, Arabic Language, Islamic Studies, Quranic Recitation. A choice of Football, Rugby, Cricket, Table Tennis and Field/Track Athletics.


SSS Stage – The curriculum has been designed to provide a strong foundation for further education and flexibility of future choices.  Pupils usually take from a choice twenty subject options in total, the compulsory subjects being English and Mathematics, Yoruba and Languages, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.  Optional subjects include Visual Arts, Commerce, Computer Science, Economics, Islamic Studies, Agricultural Science. Geography, Arabic Language, Financial Accounting, Literature in English, Quranic Recitation and Government.

Strong teaching provision is supported by the school’s developing facilities and pupils are encouraged to question and think independently; to make use of the growing library to optimum advantage and use IT as a constructive tool.  Within this supportive framework of academic guidance and close pastoral care, the pupils visibly grow in confidence and look forward to new challenges and responsibilities.

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Communnity Development

Ansar-Ud-Deen Educational Trust actively seeks to recruit professional science, technology, arts and humanities practitioners and impassioned volunteers who wish to impart their skills and share their talents with children and young people in our schools. We want to motivate and inspire the future generation to achieve more than they ever thought possible with your know-how.

    We are proud to work with our committed team of volunteers and interns who all add value to our projects by bringing fresh perspectives and new ideas to all areas of ADET’s work. Our volunteers provide an important contribution to the work we do and offer invaluable assistance to our Associates as well as supporting our small management team in the office. This is your opportunity to volunteer with ADET. We have a rolling recruitment programme for new volunteers, which means you can apply at any time and our interviews and induction days are held periodically.

    Innovative partnerships that bring development resources and insight unique to ADET’s strategic needs can impact community growth. This is where we believe real business benefit of community investment at our schools in Itire, Isolo and Suru-lere lies. We are looking to be more imaginative in how we promote the idea of ”giving pledges” to push development resource philantropy to front of corporate board minds across Nigeria. Please email coordinator@adetschools.org if you are interested in helping to fund our project, or just want to find out more.

    Our Associate Technologists, Scientists and Artists are all experienced and influential professionals that work within the creative, legal, medical, engineering, manufacturing, construction and cultural industries including; writers, pharmacists, doctors, actors, poets, comedians, engineers, policy writers, performers, singers, dancers, musicians, composers, accountants, directors, visual artists, choreographers, journalists and film-makers. This is your opportunity to work with ADET. We have a rolling recruitment programme for potential new Associates, which means you can apply at any time and our interviews and induction days are held periodically


Ansar-Ud-Deen Education Trust’s work is supported by grants and donations from groups, individuals and corporates who generously support our projects, workshops and events. They are all fully committed to Ansar Ud Deen’s vision and their endorsements and personal involvement testify to the importance of supporting young people in their creative endeavours. Support from international friends is crucial in helping us to raise awareness of the important work we undertake with children and young people and we are greatly appreciative of their efforts in ensuring that Ansar Ud Deen’s work receives the widest support and recognition. ADET has received financial assistance in the form of grants from:
*Mr. Kayode Sofola
*Mr. Musliu Smith
*Mr. Fatai Kekere Ekun
*Alumni of Isolo, Itire and Grammar School
*Hassana Abebi Okunnu Foundation
*Ansar Ud Deen Society, Lagos Branch
*Dr. Sola Labinjo
*Mr. T.O Olusi
*Prof Lateef Hussein
*Board of Governors (Itire, Grammar School Suru-lere and Isolo)
*Mr. J.B. Owolabi
*Mr. R.O. Adesina
*Mr. Kola Kareem
*Mr. Dapo Durosinmi-Etti
*Mr. Yomi Aiyepola
Donations from:
*Yoruba Tennis Club
*Crescent Bearers
*JK Randle Trust
*Etisalat PLC
*Sterling Bank PLC
*Lagos State Government
Scholarships from:
*Duro Emmanuel Foundation
*Abebi Okunnu Foundation
*Alhaji Otiti Foundation
*Alhaji Bashorun Educational Foundation
*AUD Isolo UK Old Students Scholarship Fund
*Alhaja H A Agoro Foundation


Investing in young minds for today, tomorrow and the future. Ansar-Ud-Deen Educational Trust is enormously grateful to everyone who has helped and are helping to contribute to our success through generous financial contributions or by donating precious time, resources and or professional services. Without the philanthropy, vision and enthusiasm of all our supporters, we would not be able to carry out our vital work. Thank you for helping us to make ADET happen for children, young adults and their families across all three schools in the system.


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Phone: +234 806 240 0326
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